Liz Yu Beauty

Building a Makeup Artist’s Portfolio that Attracts Your Ideal Clients

So, you are a makeup artist. Awesome! For most artists, the biggest challenge isn’t learning the skill of the trade, it’s attracting enough clients to make it a full time career. How does a makeup artist find the best jobs that pay a high enough rate to earn a living?

Being in a visual industry, our portfolio is the standard tool for makeup artists (outside of film) to showcase our ability and quality of work, essentially viewed as our résumé.  For the first few years of a makeup artist’s career, building an effective portfolio is often the most crucial step and, more often than not, it is done while being supported by other jobs to pay the bills during this process.

As a new artist with few connections or peers in the industry, finding a reliable and professional team to build your portfolio with can be quite a challenge on its own. When it comes to building your book, the right photographer, model, concept, and artistic direction is critical to the success of every shoot. It is also extremely difficult to showcase your artistry if the teams you shoot with aren’t delivering on a high level. So how do you get to a place where you are able to work with better teams?  How do you get better images in your book when what you have isn’t capturing the attention of photographers you want to shoot with?

Seeing this perpetual pattern, I designed The Portfolio Bootcamp that runs several times a year at Blur Makeup Room to help artists break this cycle. In order to set you up you for success on future shoots, I sit down with you for up to one hour, understand your goals, identify your ideal clientele, and comb over your existing portfolio to line it up with your vision. During this one on one session, I will be able to guide you through your references and photoshoot planning process. My goal is to help grow your portfolio to a point where you become proficient at picking your own amazing teams and produce photoshoots that always elevate your book and bring you closer to your ideal clients.

Within 2-3 sessions and constant hard work, the artists I mentor through this process begin to shoot with better photographers, booking work on their level, and gain the confidence to ask for a pay rate that is appropriate for the work they are doing.

Whether you are just starting to build your portfolio or looking to upgrade your existing clientele, the Portfolio Bootcamp is an amazing tool to step your game up with. Book your session today and take the leap that brings you closer to having the makeup artist career you’ve dreamed about!